Final Project – Shannon Payne Bourke

Subject: English

level: 5th grade

The following lesson I have prepared covers the topic of question words and will teach the class when to correctly use certain words such as ‘where’, ‘how many’, ‘when’, ‘why’ etc. These words are extremely important as they are the most common words used to start a sentence and will be a great base for the class to understand and then expand on. I will start by explaining the words and why they would be used, then have an activity that the whole class will participate in and finally will have the children carry out and exercise individually.


  1. to ensure the children understand the differences between the words and can identify when to use a specific word in the correct place.
  2. by the end of the lesson the children can formulate grammatically correct sentences using the question words I have thought in the class.

materials required

Milton travelers English 5th grade book. a computer, a projective white board, white board markers

lesson time

45 minutes

Required roles

Teacher: monitor the class to ensure they are listening and behaving, assist them during the activities if they have any questions and to check there work for any grammatical errors

Language assistant: teach the lesson, explain the activities, assit the class during there individual activities.

setting up – 5 minutes

  • set up the computer and open required files.
  • ask the class to take out their English books
  • explain what todays lesson will be about and ask if anybody can give me an example of a question word

starting the lesson – 15 minutes

  • ask the class to open to page 72 and chose 3 children to read 4 descriptions of the question words question words i.e.
  • child 1 will read – who, what, where, why. child 2 will read – which, what time, how, how many etc.
  • I will answer any questions that arise, further explain and give example questions like ‘what time do you finish school’ and ‘what is your name’

class activity – 10 minutes

  • I will open a word document that I have prepared before the class containing unfinished sentences that the class will have to finish by raising their hands and telling me the word which they think will be correct

individual activity – 15 minutes

  • once I feel like the class has a good understanding of of the topic we have covered i will ask them to create 5 sentences and write them in their note books using the words provided on page 72 of their English books and to complete activities 7 and 8 on page 73. if they do not have enough time when it will need to be finished for home work.

this is an example of what the introduction of the class will look like as well some of the questions that I could ask.

youtube. 2018. What Are Question Words. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 January 2021].

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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