let me plan your trip for free !

Hi my name is Shannon and I have been writing this blog for over a year now. It initially started off as a book review blog but recently it has moved towards becoming a travel blog. If you have read my posts you will know that I absolutely love visiting different countries if you haven’t read my posts just take my word for it :). One of the things I love the most about traveling, is planning it, there is so much to think of it can be overwhelming, but I really enjoy it for some reason. When I tell people that I love travel planning and that I do it for fun even when I don’t have any immediate plans to visit a country but I still spend my time researching the city, accommodation and flights, they are usually shocked if not more confused.

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Traveling planning has become a hobby for me, I love to be organized and have an idea of what’s to come which has helped me to plan some great trips for myself, friends and family. This got me thinking, why not expand this, why not see if there are people out there who need help organizing their trip. Before I go any further, I will be doing this for free to begin with anyway. You just have let me know where you are going, price range and things you are interested in doing/ seeing and I will send you a list of activities, good hotels/ hostels/ Airbnb’s and flight if they are needed. I won’t be booking anything I will send you links so you can book it yourself.

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There is a girl I follow from cork in Ireland who gave me the idea for this. She plans trips for people going to south east Asia, she skypes her clients and gets a sense of what they are looking for and then sends them back a list of everything they could need. I would love to make this a business/ hobby and make money off it some day even a pay what you think the service was worth kind of deal.

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If you are interested, you have a trip coming up or and hoping to go away soon but don’t know where or what to do send me an email. You honestly have nothing to lose. The countries I have been to are Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, America, United Kingdom, Morocco, France and Ireland (my home). I would happily help you travel plan for anywhere in Europe, some of the Middle East and America. You can contact me at 12sbourke@gmail.com or my travel Instagram account one_country_at_a_time. I would really love for this t work so please reach out.

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See you guys soon, thanks for reading

**disclaimer I am not a qualified travel agent, I will just be using my own experience that I have gathered over the years also everything I recommend are only suggestions it is up to you what your choose to do 💙


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