Sorry for my absence and new things coming

Hi guys I just wanted to quickly apologise for not posting on here in so long. Tbh I haven’t been reading or writing reviews, all of 2018 and especially the summer I had been reading on average 7+ books a month. But I started uni in September and my god did I find out what it is to be busy. BUT I have my exams next week and then I am off to Egypt for a month were I will be reading and reviewing until my hearts content.

In regards to the ‘new things coming’ I put a poll up on my story yesterday sharing some of my ideas for the direction I want to take my blog and people seem to be interested. So my plan for my blog is to keep it predominantly book related, however I am going to increase my posts on traveling and add some random things along the way like vegan recipes, study tips and anything else I think someone might benefit from. In the future I might make a separate blog for travel but for now I am keeping it all together on this blog.

Also I am much more active on Instagram if you would like to follow me there my name is my_one_thousand_lives 💕


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  1. Ayunda says:

    Best of luck with uni! It’s always hard at first to try and juggle blogging, reading and real life in general.

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    1. I know I really want to focus and do well I haven’t even read Kindgom of ash it has been on my shelf staring at me and I haven’t touched it because if I do I won’t put it down hahah

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